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Home built on a hill

Slope Construction and New Homes

Posted on December 23, 2022

You finally have your dream lot and the finances to build that beautiful cottage on a hill. The only problem is you are unsure if your investment is a good idea. The dangers of faulty construction outweigh the cost of building your new home in your ideal landscape. Invest in your home’s safety before worrying about additional features. A new home and slope construction should not deter you from tackling your dream location, but being prepared allows you to maximize your expenditures. Here is what you need to know about constructing a new home on a slope.

The RisksĀ 

Mudslides, poor grading, collapse, and long-term erosion of your home are risks to consider when building your home. The likelihood of your house collapsing is low, but your plumbing and electricity are more likely to experience complications. 20 to 30 of the homes in the United States experience landslides. Furthermore, erosion over time increases these risks. For instance, your grading settles 1 to 3 years after construction. Grading will determine water drainage from the land, the accuracy of your slope, and the evenness of your foundation.Ā 

Slope Construction and Engineers

Most construction companies will partner with local engineers. Geological engineers will check the quality of the soil and determine if the construction company can build your home. The construction company may have its engineer, or they may need you to hire one. Certain construction companies specialize inĀ slope construction. Reach out to these companies first before considering the alternative. Lower the risk of faulty construction and wasted dollars and start with the right tools.Ā 


Constructing a new home on a slope will likely increase the money out of pocket. While the design is beautiful and unique, this landscape masterpiece increases the cost of your home from 15 to 50% more. Special features such as helical pier installation, sloped architecture, and land surveys add to the expenses.Ā 

Foundation Development and Construction

Placing a proper foundation in place is vital for any home. Ensure your construction team is building the correct foundation and select a crew that installs helical piers. Helical piers help your home’s grading and support your foundation even after the grading has settled. Some construction companies require a foundation company for helical pier installation. Atlantic Foundation offers a patented helical pier installation named The StabillizerĀ®.Ā 

Further Foundation Support

New construction on a hill complicates the structure of your foundation. Even if you use a slope construction company and helical pier installation, your home’s foundation may develop faults over the years. Home inspections, foundation support, and drainage systems are vital to the maintenance of your home. Companies like Atlantic Foundation offer these services with free consultations for homeowners.


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