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Foundation RepairExperts at Foundation Repair Featuring "The Stabilizor®"

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Foundation Repair with the Stabillizer
Bracket Supporting Piers

Fix your broken home with Foundation repair Contactor in Raleigh NC

Our mission at Atlantic Foundation and Repair is to repair your home’s cracked foundation and restore its structural integrity. We prevent further failure of your cracked foundation by stabilizing it by using our proprietary patented support bracket, The Stabilizor®… These support brackets are designed to pivot during the lifting and stabilization process preventing further damage to the foundation. Next, we realign the foundation. We finish our foundation repairs by restoring any cosmetically damaged areas of the masonry foundation. And finally, we restore the landscaping covering the areas where the Stabilizor® was installed.

Foundation cracks are usually caused by the changes in the ground below. All buildings settle as they become heavier during construction and after they are occupied. If the soil underneath cannot support the added weight, then the foundation may crack. Cracked foundations needing foundation repair can occur in any of these common situations:

  • The expansion and contraction of clay soil can cause foundations to crack as moisture levels change.
  • Soil can wash out from underneath the foundation of homes.
  • Poor drainage of a property may cause the soil underneath the footings to lose strength.
  • Burrowing animals may destabilize the soil underneath foundation footings.
  • Differing soil types under a home can cause differing amounts of settlement around a house.

Tree roots can also cause foundation cracks by raising the foundation rather than by settling which lowers the foundation. Once the tree roots are removed, the same foundation repair techniques are used as those used for settling.

  • Signs that your house may need foundation repair include:
  • Cracks in masonry, brick, or block foundation walls
  • Doors and windows that are misaligned and won’t close or are stuck
  • Cracks in sheetrock especially around doors and windows and in corners
  • Molding that has separated or is misaligned
  • Siding that is pulling away from doors and windows or at corners
  • The frieze board at the top of the wall next to the roof is pushed out at the corner

Foundation cracks will only worsen over time. Choose the company that invented the patented helical support bracket, The Stabilizor® to make your foundation repairs.

Stabilizor® installation requires design by a licensed professional engineer. Atlantic Foundation & Crawl Space Repair is not licensed to provide engineering services, we have relationships with area professional engineers to provide the required engineering services.

Take this opportunity to contact Atlantic Foundation and Repair, the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill area foundation innovators. Request an estimate by calling 919-855-0855 or by filling out our Quote Request Form. We look forward to repairing your foundation cracks and leaving you with a solid home foundation.

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