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New Construction

helical piers
Helical Pier Installation
Installation of helical piers

The Stabilizor Can Help to Keep New Homes from Becoming Broken

Installation of helical piers for new construction solves the problem of poor soil conditions. Installing our proprietary patented helical pier brackets, The Stabilizor, prior to the foundation being poured, Atlantic Foundation and Repair can assure that the load of the foundation will be transferred to stronger, deeper layers of soil.

The Stabilizor® helical piers will anchor the home on stable soil. The Stabilizor® is quick and easy to install. Pier length is determined by the soil type and composition. These helical piers are installed at predetermined intervals in the foundation ditch using a torque motor. Pier caps are placed on top of the helical piers. After all the piles are capped, concrete is then poured over the pier caps to form the foundation footing. When the concrete cures, the helical pier cap and the concrete are tied together transferring the load of the newly constructed home to the helical piers.

Building new structures on compacted fill or poor soil will result in excessive or inconsistent settlement. Foundation cracks will follow in future years. Using helical piers during the construction process will prevent or minimize foundation cracks and structural damage. Consider helical piers for the following situations:

  • Engineering tests indicate the soil is not competent.
  • The soil is expansive or contains organic matter.
  • Differing soil types such as virgin soil and compacted fill are present.
  • The municipal foundation inspection fails due to insufficient foundation excavation.

In the competitive new home construction industry or the commercial building market, Atlantic Foundation and Repair’s own patented helical pier, The Stabilizor is the best solution for structural support or engineered foundations. The Stabilizor® can eliminate future warranty claims due to excessive settlement and foundation cracks. Solve the problem of cracked foundations before they ever occur. Save your company’s hard-earned reputation.

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