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After finishing foundation repairs, Atlantic Foundation & Crawl Space Repair will repoint your damaged or missing mortar. First removing the damages mortar from the joints then applying new mortar and the finish profile. We match the mortar mix with similar in composition and color. We also match the original finish profile for the mortar joints.

During construction, brick or block are usually placed on top of each other with a mortar bed in between. During placement of brick or block, some of the mortar is squeezed out. This excess mortar is removed and the joint is shaped with a finish profile before the mortar hardens.

When your mortar joints become cracked or when the mortar is missing altogether, then your brick or block needs to be repointed or pointed up. Repointing involves removing the remaining disintegrating mortar from the damaged joints of a brick or block wall before installing new mortar.

When brick or concrete block walls have cracks in the mortar, as from foundation settling, water can penetrate through these cracks into the masonry wall. Over time, the mortar will deteriorate and fall out. Water penetration through cracks in masonry will cause accelerated ageing of the structural components of your home once protected by the intact masonry.

The most vulnerable areas for deteriorating mortar include steps, chimneys, under windows, behind downspouts and any areas that are exposed to excessive moisture. The solution is to repoint the mortar when the cracks first become evident. To protect your repointed mortar, it is important to make sure that water is being directed away from these areas to avoid problems with mortar in the future.

Repointing can restore the integrity of your foundation as well as its visual appearance. If brick wall repairs are performed improperly, not only could it look unattractive, it could cause damage.

Atlantic Foundation & Crawl Space Repair can also re-attach masonry veneer to substrate or vertical, shear, cracks using stainless steel ties restoring integrity to the masonry.

Protect your home by hiring the foundation experts to make your concrete and brick wall repairs. Contact Atlantic Foundation and Repair at 919-855-0855 or fill out our Quote Request Form.

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