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Welcome to Atlantic Foundation and Repair Systems

You may have come here because you have noticed the telltale signs of foundation problems inside or outside your home: uneven floors, cracks in the walls around doors and windows, doors that stick or do not shut properly, a leaning chimney, or cracking between exterior brick and mortar.


You want someone to fix the problem, protect your home’s value, and give you peace of mind. Many homeowners believe that as a home “settles” these imperfections are a natural result. To go through the considerable work and expense to repair cracks and unevenness is thought to be astronomical. However, with our patented helical pile system, known as The Stabilizor®, we can restore your home and prevent further structural damage without costing you a small fortune.


Foundation repair professionals understand what it takes to stabilize a home whose foundation has become unlevel or unstable. That little crack signifies much more than a blemish. The ability to complete such foundation repair work efficiently and cost effectively ensures the peace of mind you seek without excessive cost. Solutions such as our flagship product The Stabilizor®, our patented helical pile system, stabilize the foundation so that you can perform cosmetic repairs that you will feel confident will last.


Our company provides helical piles for foundation and structural repairs to building professionals nationwide. Our patented helical pile system, The Stabilizor®, has been successfully deployed in numerous home foundation repair jobs performed by our expert staff in the Raleigh-Durham NC metro area. When you take on a contract for foundation wall repair or house foundation cracks, using The Stabilizor® ensures your project provides the kind of results you expect and demand.


Our site is designed to serve both residential homeowners and home repair professionals. We can fill building professional orders nationwide, or provide helical piles for structural or foundation repair installed by our experts here in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area. When you need reliable, effective foundation repair solutions, we provide a patented system to meet your exacting demands. To find the information you are looking for, simply click on the appropriate menu button below to learn more about The Stabilizor®, our patented helical pile system for use in residential and commercial foundation repairs

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