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Crawl Space Drainage

Flooded Basement
mold and mildew in a flooded crawl space
crawl space management

Low Cost Solutions to Getting Water Out of Your Crawl Space

Our approach to wet crawl spaces is to maintain healthy moisture levels for your home by controlling the environment. At Atlantic Foundation and Repair, we achieve drier and healthier crawl space environments through the following methods:

  • Foundation drains: internal and external
  • Re-grading the crawl space floor
  • Adding additional crawl space ventilation
  • Installing moisture barriers
  • Installing collection sumps and pumps

Moisture problems in crawl spaces are caused by clay soils inside a crawl space that hold moisture, emit water vapor and thereby promote humidity. Rainwater intrudes into the crawl space when the grade outside is higher than the grade inside the crawl space. Sloping grades inside a crawl space allow for the pooling of water trapping moisture inside the crawl space.

Some of the air inside your house comes directly from your crawl space. Wet crawl spaces can expose your home and your family to serious environmental hazards such as mold and mildew. As well as health issues, mold and mildew can promote wood rot of building components. Termites and other pests prefer moist environments such as a wet crawl space and can destroy a home. Improper moister levels in a crawlspace that are either too high or too low can cause structure members to rot. Wet crawl spaces worsen over time. The time to repair is when you first notice symptoms of a wet crawl space.

Signs your crawl space is too wet and needs crawl space waterproofing and repair include:

  • Standing water in the crawl space
  • Musty odors in the house
  • Buckled or cupped hardwood floors
  • Mold or organic growth on wood structural components in the crawl space
  • Condensation on air conditioning equipment or ductwork located in the crawl space

At Atlantic Foundation and Repair, we specialize in waterproofing crawl spaces. Improve the air in your home and protect your house by giving us a call at 919-855-0855 or by filling out our Quote Request Form. We look forward to providing a drier and healthy environment for your home.

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