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Basement Wall Repair

Basement Wall Repair
Basement Wall Repair Services
concrete basement walls

Experts at Fixing Basement Walls

Is your basement wall cracked, bowed or buckled? Atlantic Foundation can repair your bowed basement wall to provide the structural support that your home needs. We stabilize masonry block basement walls with horizontal cracks or minor bowing by using carbon fiber reinforcement strips. Carbon fiber is a strong, but light-weight material. These reinforcement strips are attached to the interior of the basement wall with industrial epoxy.

Cracks in poured concrete basement walls are repaired by injecting a sealant into the crack and applying carbon fiber over the repaired crack. Repairing a cracked or bowed basement wall early will prevent further movement.

If your masonry block basement wall has stair step cracks, then the wall is displaced. Atlantic Foundation and Repair will excavate and straighten the wall using our very own patented helical piers, The Stabilizor® as ground anchors. In addition, steel wall plates are installed on the interior using rods to connect the wall plates to the ground anchors. Basement wall waterproofing and foundation drainage are also addressed since they have likely become compromised.

Cracked and bowed basement walls are usually caused by pressure that exceeds the capacity of the walls to resist the pressure. Reasons for bowed basement walls include:

  • Improper yard drainage allowing water to pool and drain near the foundation creates moist soil. Excess moisture in the soil adjacent to the foundation creates increased pressure on the basement wall.
  • When clay soil gets wet, it swells and increases in volume creating pressure against basement walls.

Any added pressure against basement walls can cause cracking and bowing.


If your basement wall appears bowed or cracked, contact the area foundation experts, Atlantic Foundation and Repair at 919-855-0855 or fill out our Quote Request Form. Make these basement repairs as soon as possible to prevent more costly repairs.

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