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Basement floor & wall

Cracks in your Basement?

Posted on April 30, 2022

Call The Basement Repair Specialists

Basements are considered unique the further south you go but don’t overlook minor problems down there. The basement is the foundation of your home and can be the catalyst in the survival of your four walls. From homes breaking off down a cliff, or a flooding basement, the consequences of avoiding foundation repair can lead to harsh realities. Here are some indicators that your foundation is in trouble:

    • Water Seeping in Through the Block
    • Basement Floors Cracking
    • Excessive Humidity
    • Leaks and Puddles

If you see any of these problems call your local foundation repair specialist to prevent further damage. Listed below are the symptoms of foundation problems in your basement with the course of action.

Basement Floors

Anytime there is an incline at the base of your home, note the location of your home, particularly if it isn’t slanting toward the main drain. If your home is built near a cliff, remember that the construction company probably built your home to fit the terrain to a certain degree. Cracks following a slanted floor need immediate attention. In the best-case scenario, your home will be uneven. Worst case scenario your home could be lost to a sinkhole or split over a cliff. This indicates that your home is in trouble. Rapid progression of settling and cracking indicates your home is in trouble. Don’t expect to wake up in a sinkhole, but start foundation repair immediately.

Growing Cracks in the Floor

If you notice cracks in the floor of your basement, try to remember the last time you saw the basement floor. It is natural for foundation cracks to appear over a long period. A new foundation also will settle created long-term cracks in your walls or floors. Keep a check on the cracks. If you notice rapid changes, call a professional. What starts as a crack in your floor can lead to your home splitting in half. Though this is very rare there have been severe consequences from ignoring the rapid growth of cracks in your basement floor. Foundation specialists will counsel you on the severity of the crack. A reliable local foundation repair specialist will ensure that you and your family are in a stable and safe home. 

Excessive Humidity, Leaks, and Puddles

Depending on the climate of your home, it is normal for humidity to occur. However, when your basement feels like a moldy sauna, there is probably a problem sealing out moisture. Before you reach to fix your foundation, let the specialists investigate the severity of the damage. A crack in your walls or floors can allow humidity to seep into your home. Consider encapsulation to prevent the rotting or deterioration of the wood in your home. Leaks and puddles indicate a severe infiltration of water. A small leak now can lead to a flood later. Large amounts of water lead to rotting, mildew, and erosion. These factors can cause wood damage, permanent home loss, a toxic buildup of radon, and even illness long-term. Foundation specialists like Atlantic Foundation are qualified to encapsulate your crawlspace or basement. Better safe than sorry. 

Don’t ignore complications with your basement. If you live in areas that are located on cliffs or prone to sinkholes, rapidly growing cracks and flooding basements could become a matter of life or death. Call your local foundation repair specialist. If you live in the Eastern part of North Carolina, contact Atlantic Foundation for basement or foundation inquiries. You would be shocked by what we have seen over the years. 

*Disclaimer-Atlantic Foundation gives advice but does not guarantee any outcome. We accept no liability for life, injury, financial, or property loss. These suggestions are based on the experience of Foundation experts around the world. Proceed with foundation repairs with caution at your own risk and find a BBB+ foundation repair company such as Atlantic Foundation. 

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