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Why Helical Pier Installation is A Lifesaver

Posted on November 30, 2022

Toppling chimneys, wayward walls, sinking basements; all these disasters stem from a weak foundation. While preventing faulty construction may seem impossible, there is a way to ensure that your construction team properly secures your foundation. Helical pier products likeĀ The StabillizerĀ®Ā offer top-notch protection, security, and faulty foundation prevention. When the construction crew begins to dig out your foundation, ask if they install helical piers for your home. There are rare cases where you may not need helical piers. These circumstances are the exception and not the rule. Here are why helical pier installation is a lifesaver.

Soil Conditions

When the soil quality varies, the variation compromises the building’s foundation. Clay and silt expand and retract due to the weather and humidity levels. The expansion of the soil allows cracks to form in your home’s foundation. Helical piers prevent the foundation from expanding further, saving you thousands on foundation repair.Ā 

Sinking Homes

Upper levels of soil tend to move and shift. This shift in one area may lead to a strain on one side of your home. Strained floors and basements can form cracks due to uneven loads. Helical piers balance the load by drilling deep into the ground until they find load-bearing strata. Load-bearing strata refer to the layer of soil or rock that can hold the weight of a building or structure without compressing. To illustrate this point, think of helical piers as the foundation of your foundation.Ā 

Turbulent Terrain

Hills, lakes, highĀ water tables, and varied types of terrain pose a puzzle for home builders. Where does the foundation lie? How do you ensure a level home in an unlevel area? Helical piers allow home builders to build level homes on hills, marshy ground, or areas with high water tables. Without the stability of the helical piers, your home’s foundation may begin to sink under the water or crack over the side of a hill. Terrifying the least; even though you can safely evacuate, your home may be irreplaceable.Ā 

Finding Quality Helical Pier Installation

For new homeowners looking to install helical piers, ensure that your construction team is willing to work with helical piers. (Most will say yes.) They will need to find a foundation company specializing in helical piers. For construction companies, don’t let low-quality helical pier installation lead to loss of business, money, and assets. Protect your reputation against weak helical piers and contact a reliable pier installation company such as Atlantic Foundation. We use our own patented helical piers to ensure our reputation stays free of snapped helical piers and cracked foundations.Ā 


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