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Crawl space encapsulation

Why Should You Spend Money On Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Posted on October 10, 2022

If your home has a vented crawl space encapsulation, you may be paying more for power without even being aware. Crawl spaces with vents, once considered valuable home components, are now known to present more issues than benefits. 

The crawl space under your house might not contain the ghosts or monsters you imagined as a youngster, but it might have something frightening.

It can become a nightmare if you don’t take care of your crawl space as a homeowner. Crawl space encapsulation is, therefore, always a wise investment. Let us look at what it is and if there are any substitutes.

What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?


A vented crawl space can cause various issues, and crawl space encapsulation is a great solution. By doing so, you can keep your family comfortable while saving money on your energy expenses.

A climate-controlled area results from enclosing your crawl space underneath your home. Once your crawl space has been properly waterproofed, insulation and vapor barriers are expertly put to cover the walls and floor. All exterior vents are sealed, and controlled ventilation is installed to avoid musty, stagnant air buildup.

Where Is My Crawl Space Located? Do I Need It?


You might not have ever entered your crawl space as a homeowner. You can start to doubt its significance as a component of your home. If your crawl space is beginning to cause issues, you might want to fill it with cement and stop worrying about it.

Sadly, you are unable to accomplish that.

Crawl space encapsulation is a necessary component of the majority of properties as a result. Access to items like your home’s HVAC ductwork, electrical wiring, and plumbing system is made possible via your crawl area. 

Why Should You Invest In Crawl Space Encapsulation?


Without encapsulation, your crawl space may become a haven for costly issues. For instance, most crawl areas have high humidity levels and are damp. Although these areas feature vents to encourage evaporation, they also serve as a site of entry for pests like rats and bugs.

  • Now combine all of those elements.

Many crawl spaces degenerate into moist tunnels populated by vermin, fungi, bacteria, and mold. The rot that results from moisture and mold can ruin the structural components and necessitate repairs like foundation work. 

Your crawl space and the property are separated by crawl space encapsulation. Instead of being a repair waiting to happen, your crawl space becomes safe and tidy by enclosing it. It prevents most bugs, wetness, and humidity from entering your crawl space.

A closer look at some of the perks of encapsulating your crawl space is provided below:

  • Enhanced Structural Integrity

The two biggest enemies of your home are rot and moisture. They may eat away at your home’s wooden floors and structural elements, which raises the possibility of foundation repair, sagging floors, warped doors and window frames, and even collapse.

Crawl space encapsulation enhances your home’s structural integrity by preventing moisture or mold from entering the crawl space.

  • Lowered The Energy Bills

Keep in mind that your home is subject to crawl space air leakage. You’ll need to operate your HVAC system more frequently and for longer cycles to maintain a suitable temperature in your house because this air is typically cold or hot in the summer.

All of it, however, ends with crawl space encapsulation. You can turn off the HVAC system and lower your energy costs by keeping your house at a more comfortable temperature. 

  • Better Interior Air Quality

Your home’s crawl space is where most of the air you breathe is present. The dampness, germs, mold spores, and other contaminants that are forming underground are carried by air as it rises into your home. It can aggravate your respiratory issues even if you are unaware of it.

Encapsulating your crawl space can stop these items from contaminating your air. It will enhance your home’s air quality and benefit your health.

  • More Storage Space

Having trouble deciding where to put your Christmas decorations? Due to crawl space encapsulation, you’ll have new storage space for anything you don’t want to clutter the rest of the house. You won’t have to worry about anything in your crawl space getting damaged if you’ve enclosed it.

  • A Safe And Comfortable Home

After crawl space encapsulation, your home will feel much cozier. You won’t experience dry or itchy skin or sinuses either because the humidity will be under control. Your home will maintain the appropriate temperature on its own, so you won’t need to walk about wearing a heavy sweater. 

Wrapping Up!


An investment in crawl space encapsulation can help shield the rest of your house from harm. It will be simpler to understand the advantages of having work done on your crawl space encapsulation now that you have an excellent notion of how much an enclosed crawl space will benefit you. 

Do not hesitate to contact our staff at Atlantic Foundation & Crawl Space Repair if you have not yet encapsulated your crawl space. We’ll provide you with a free inspection immediately if you let us know what you need! 


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