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How to Clean Your Cluttered Closet

Posted on July 25, 2015

Do you have a closet that every time you open it you get an anxiety attack and want to immediately shut the door because of the clutter? It’s easy to put off cleaning that closet for another week or month. But with a few simple tips, you can get that closet organized in quick order. Best of all, you will be able to easily find your belongings.


  • Get five boxes and label them as follows: Keep – Back in Closet, Keep – Elsewhere, Donate, Sell, and Trash.
  • Decide on the charities that you want to donate your belongings to in advance. As you are making decisions about items, you can keep the charity’s mission in mind.
  • Set aside enough time so that you can finish the job.


  • Remove everything from the closet putting it in one of the boxes as you go. Start at the top and work your way down.
  • Vacuum and dust the closet when it is empty.
  • Involve family members if this is a shared closet. They will be responsible for their items and you won’t take the hit when you’ve given away their favorite toy.

Organizing the Closet:

  • Put like items together in the closet such as all board games or dresses.
  • Keep a bin in the closet to store items and then take a few minutes each week to organize those items.
  • If you add an item to your closet, then remove one. This will help keep you closet organized for the long term.

When Complete:

Take the trash out immediately. Make your donations right away. Put the items that didn’t belong in this closet in their proper location. Prepare to sell items on EBay, Craig’s List, consignment shops or other places.

If cleaning your closet feels overwhelming, ask a friend to help. Having another opinion when decisions are hard to make can be just the boost you need. Remember that in terms of clothes, most of us wear just 20% of the clothes in our closet 80% of the time. So, we probably would not miss many of those dusty items that have been tucked away for years.


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