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How much value does an encapsulated crawl space add to your home?

Posted on September 30, 2021

Encapsulation is the pioneer of foundation protection from moisture. The act of encapsulating is when a moisture barrier is installed to protect the lower level of a home from environmental moisture. This moisture can get trapped in the walls or foundation of a house. Encapsulation materials depend on the company. Some companies use fiberglass barriers or vinyl barriers. The best barriers are created using lead-free products such as SafetyCap. Foundation repair experts recommend most homes encapsulate their crawlspace under the house. It is no wonder that encapsulation adds an edge that non-encapsulated homes do not have. So how much value does an encapsulated home have? Read these aspects to see how encapsulation can add value.


The Cost of Encapsulation 

The cost of encapsulation can vary from home to home. The price range is typical $3000 to $8000. (This equates to $3 to $7 per square foot.) If you choose to sell the home within the year of installation, you can include the amount in the price of sale.


The Quality of the Encapsulation 

With unique environmentally friendly products such as SafetyCap, you add more value. However, the value of your encapsulation decreases after wear and tear. If your encapsulation is in a dry or temperate climate, the amount of wear and tear is lowered. The encapsulation installed 10-15 years may see a decrease in value. Look to see if you have a local trusted foundation repair company that offers free consultations. Have them check your encapsulation to see how valuable it is to the home. If the encapsulation is 20 years or more, you may need to replace the encapsulation. You may also need to lower your selling price. It is also imperative that you check the quality of installation. Faulty encapsulation may lessen the value of your home.


Long Term Value

If you plan to keep your home long-term, early encapsulation will prevent damage to your home. Radon gases can build up over time. This creates a dangerous environment. Moisture can damage your crawlspace and lead to long-term foundation expenses. Preventing the cost of foundation repair and wood rot adds long-term value to your home.

Saving Time

Homeowners nowadays like convenience. If you decide to tackle encapsulation prices and time upfront, buyers may pay a bit more for a smooth moving transition. Some individuals like their new home complete and ready to move in. You may be able to pay $5000 for an encapsulated home and sell for a bit more than the original cost. Why not invest more for smooth sailing.

Build of Your Home

   Depending on the build of your home, encapsulation may be unnecessary. If you live in a dry and cold location, encapsulation may be an avoidable cost. If you live in a historic district with a humid environment, your home may be one of the few with effective encapsulation. Encapsulation may add a competitive to some homes. For others, it may be ineffective. Have a foundation specialist inspect your home to see if a crawlspace encapsulation is even needed.


Determining whether your home needs encapsulation depends on your unique situation. Should you question the need for encapsulation, companies like ours can give free consultations to homeowners. If you live in Raleigh or Eastern North Carolina area, give Atlantic Foundation a call today.

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