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Slab Foundation Crack

Should You Repair Slab Foundation Cracks?

Posted on September 30, 2021

Is Your Home Built On a Slab Foundation?

Many homeowners choose to ignore slab foundation repair. The most often cited cause is financial worries. Unfortunately, completely ignoring a slab foundation problem can only worsen the situation in the long run.


Safety precautions can be advantageous. Using gutters that divert water away from the foundation is an optimal decision. Unfortunately, numerous organizations pour concrete on top of the backfill. While this may be practical, future slab foundation problems remain a possibility.

When a house’s slab foundation shifts, the house shifts as well. Frequently, this results in linked wood beams pulling apart or becoming compressed. Shifting can affect everything else attached to the house’s frame and result in uneven flooring. Slab foundation problems can result in the collapse of an entire house. Look for these conditions so that you can repair slab foundation problems.

Cracks in the House Foundation

Cracks in the house foundation of homeowners are sometimes the first sign of slab foundation problems. You can see them by removing a carpet or floor covering. Not all cracks in the foundation of a house signify danger. On slab foundations, hairline cracks are common and should not become alarming. Any damage less than 2 mm in width does not require immediate attention. Over time, small cracks may grow. Therefore, record cracks that are smaller than 2 mm wide. Check them frequently to see if they spread.

A nickel is 2 mm in diameter. Many people prefer to use it instead of a ruler to evaluate the severity of a foundation crack. It will easily slip into any wide crevasse. Additionally, when examining foundation cracks, it is necessary to check their sides. If one side of the damage is further than the other, one of the foundation’s sides has already sunk into the soil.

Additional Warning Signs

It is not always essential to lift the carpet to examine for slab foundation problems. Another way to check for problems is to open and close the doors and windows of the house. If doors and windows become hard to shut, there is an indication that you need slab foundation repair. Examine the gap between the top of a closed door and the door frame. This will show the extent of the damage. Inspection of the wall close to the door and window frames is ideal. If there is a need to repair a slab foundation, jagged cracks in the sheetrock are usually evident.

Why You Must Address a Damaged Slab

  • You need to ensure safety. Your concrete slab is critical to the structural integrity of your home.
  • Protect your investment. The foundation of your home, for example, plays a significant role in determining its resale value.
  • Avoid Complications.
  • A damaged slab may result in incorrect installations.
  • Moisture may infiltrate and damage the home from pipes leaking.

How to Repair Cracks

Take up some in-home techniques to fix minor cracks.

  • Polyurethane foam jacking is cost-effective and gives high-density padding to the foundation cracks. It instantly fills in voids by expanding and filling in empty spots throughout the concrete. Calling a foundation specialist can help with this minor repair.
  • For cracks in the corners of your slab and areas connected to the chimney, use mortar, masonry patches, or different sealants like epoxy resin.
  • Steel beams or piers are like chiropractic adjustments for your home. You can call your local foundation repair team and have them install beams under the home’s exterior foundation. They are placed along the edges of your home. To install the piers yourself, ensure you can safely carve into the slab foundation, avoiding wires. Take your ram jack. When you have found the space that is sinking, insert concrete or steel piers. Only attempt this method if you have experience installing piers.

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