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Crawl Space Encapsulation

How Crawl Space Encapsulation Improves Indoor Air Quality?

Posted on May 10, 2023

Do you know what’s lurking in your crawl space? Many homeowners are unaware of the potential hazards in this often-overlooked area of their homes. Poor indoor air quality is a primary concern that most of them deal with. And the main reason behind this is inadequately encapsulated crawl space. This comprehensive blog post will discuss how you can boost indoor air quality by opting for a crawl space encapsulation service.

So, keep reading this from the start to the end if you are ready to breathe healthier and cleaner air in your house.

How Crawl Space Encapsulation Works?


Crawl space encapsulation is the procedure that involves sealing off the area beneath a building from the outside environment. 

Creating a barrier between the crawl space and the external environment helps prevent the entry of mold, moisture, and other contaminants. It is done by sealing off any vents, installing a vapor barrier on the floor and walls, along with adding insulation.

During the crawl space encapsulation procedure, a dehumidifier is often installed to maintain the desired humidity level effectively. It plays a crucial role in preventing moisture buildup, which can result in mildew and mold growth and cause damage to the structural integrity of the house. It also aids in effectively controlling humidity levels in the crawl space.

However, to ensure the maximum effectiveness of this procedure, one should ensure that the installation process is carried out correctly. And it is where a professional crawl space encapsulation company can help you. 

Some of the approaches they are most likely to adopt are ensuring that the barrier is airtight and does not contain any holes or gaps, as that could allow moisture to seep in. They are also focused on addressing existing water damage and removing any debris or insulation, if present, to prepare the space beforehand effectively.

Now, let’s move on to talking about the critical benefits of crawl space encapsulation as follows:

Significant Crawl Space Encapsulation Benefits to Know About


Here are some of the benefits of crawl space encapsulation that are worth learning about:

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality:


One of the significant benefits of crawl space encapsulation is that it helps considerably boost the air quality inside your house. It can reduce the risk of health concerns, typically occuring due to poor air quality. It includes asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems.


  • Reduced Energy Costs:


An adequately encapsulated crawl space can also help to reduce energy costs by making your home more energy efficient. 

By creating a barrier between the outside environment and your home, you can prevent air leaks and drafts that can cause your HVAC system to work harder than needed.


  • Enhanced Comfort:


By creating a dry, clean, and well-insulated crawl space, you can improve the overall comfort of your house. It can help reduce drafts, cold spots, and other issues that make your home less comfortable.


  • Increased Home Value:


Whenever you opt for a crawl space service, you can increase the value of your home. By improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency, you can attract more buyers and get a higher price for your home if you decide to sell in the future.


  • Prevents Structural Damage:


Any traces of moisture in the crawl space of your house can lead to structural damage, which can be costly to repair. Crawl space encapsulation can help prevent these issues and protect your home from such instances.

Impact on Indoor Air Quality


Crawl spaces are typically the breeding ground for different pollutants, which can negatively impact indoor air quality. It can range from debris and dust to mildew and mold that thrives well in the damp and dark conditions of the crawl space.

Poor indoor air quality can pose serious health risks like asthma and allergies. Long-term exposure to pollutants can lead to chronic respiratory problems, lung cancer, and other serious problems.

If you are dealing with a similar situation, opting for a crawl space encapsulation service is high time. It is a highly effective way in which you can boost the quality of indoor air by addressing these issues.

It involves sealing the crawl space with a vapor barrier and installing a ventilation system. It prevents moisture from entering the crawl space and facilitates better airflow. It also helps to reduce the risk of mold, mildew growth, and other hazardous pollutants.

Maintenance and Care of Crawl Space Encapsulation


Regular inspection and cleaning are essential in ensuring the effectiveness and longevity of crawl space. As a homeowner, you should check for water damage signs like musty odors or dampness. Another important thing you need to do is address any water damage issues immediately to prevent mold growth.

Additionally, you should periodically check the crawl space for signs of damage to the vapor barrier or insulation. On finding any damage, you should promptly repair it to prevent pollutants from entering your house.

Final Thoughts


It is not wrong to call crawl space encapsulation a critical step toward maintaining good indoor air quality and promoting overall health.

However, to attain maximum benefits from the crawl space encapsulation procedure, you should get this done from a leading service provider like Atlantic Foundation & Crawl Space Repair. At Atlantic, we will adopt the right approaches to ensure proper encapsulation and protection of your crawl space. 

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