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How Helical Piers Save You Money

Posted on April 30, 2023

If planning to build a new home or structure, consider using helical piers as a foundation solution. Helical piers save you money. Helical piers are steel shafts with screw-like plates that are driven into the ground to support the weight of the building. They offer many advantages over traditional concrete foundations, such as:

Faster installation and Less Disruption

Helical pier installation takes hours, compared to days or weeks, for concrete foundations. Save time and money on labor and materials. Helical piers do not require excavation, curing, or backfilling, which means less mess and damage to the surrounding landscape. They also reduce the risk of soil erosion and settlement issues.

Maintain your Greater stability

Helical piers can reach more deep and stable soil layers than concrete foundations, which may be affected by frost heave, shrink-swell, or poor drainage. They also have a higher load-bearing capacity and can resist lateral and uplift forces.


Helical piers can be used for any structure, from residential to commercial, and in any soil condition, from soft to hard. They can also be easily adjusted or removed if needed.

The StabillizerĀ®

One of the best spiral pier products on the market is the StabillizerĀ®, developed by Atlantic Foundation and Repair. The StabillizerĀ® is a patented helical pier with a unique design and installation method that sets it apart from other products. Some of the benefits of the StabillizerĀ® are:

  • Superior strength: The StabillizerĀ® has a larger diameter and thicker steel than most helical piers, which gives it more strength and durability. It also has a double-helix plate that increases its torque and load capacity.
  • Easier installation: The StabillizerĀ® uses a hydraulic drive head that attaches to a skid steer or mini excavator, which makes it easier to maneuver and install in tight spaces. It also has a built-in depth gauge that ensures accurate placement and alignment.
  • Lower cost: The StabillizerĀ® is more cost-effective than other helical piers because it requires fewer materials and less labor to install. It also has a longer lifespan and requires less maintenance than concrete foundations.

Learn more about how helical piers and the StabillizerĀ® can benefit your new construction project. Contact Atlantic Foundation and Repair today. Two generations later, we are the only authorized dealer of theĀ StabillizerĀ® in North Carolina. We offer free estimates and consultations and guarantee our work with a lifetime warranty. Please don’t settle for less than the best regarding your foundation. Choose helical piers and the StabillizerĀ® from Atlantic Foundation and Repair.

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