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Save On Energy Bills

Posted on November 29, 2021

Energy Bills – Ways To Save

You can maximize savings on energy bills while protecting your home and staying safe. Here are a few tips to save money on your heating. 


You want to keep your family warm this winter. Any cracks in the foundation, walls or crawlspace allow warm air to leak out. Improper insulation leads to higher energy bills. The proper insulation throughout your home is necessary to ensure you maximize your energy usage. Take these steps to maximize insulation and save money.

  • Ensure that you have proper insulation throughout the regular parts of the house. Keep an eye on how each room feels. Some rooms may be colder because of where the air vents are. Open all the doors inside the home interior and let the heat run to ensure even distribution over time. 
  • For rooms such as the cellar, insulation may not be necessary. The attic and basement doors should have a seal around the frame to shut out the colder air and keep in the heat. 
  • Depending on home designs, insulation may be imperative. 

Save On Energy Bills With Crawlspace Encapsulation

Basements don’t ventilate into the home so they are easy to block off from the rest of the house. Crawlspaces connect to the home. Your home’s vents and floorboards can allow cold air into the home. Basements that join to a crawlspace and exposed floorboards need proper ventilation as well. 

Benefits of crawlspace encapsulation include:

  • Sealing out moisture that leads to rot
  • Maintaining a consistent temperature below the home
  • Guarding air ducts against infiltration of radon, cold air, mold, and moisture

Chimney Maintenance

Your chimney is the front line of defense when it comes to cold air. Heating your home is useful, but sealing the cold out of a chimney is the most crucial part of the insulation. Take these steps to make sure you have an effective and safe chimney. 

  • With your chimney off, stick your hand under a closed chimney flue to see if you can feel cold air blowing in. Just ensure that the chimney flue is sealing out the cold. 
  • Check your chimney for cracks. You may be able to seal minor cracks, but if  your chimney has severe foundational cracks, foundation specialist. (See our chimney repair article.)

Checking your home for foundation problems is recommended for home stability, energy bills, and preventing polluted air from mildew and moisture rot. If your home has warped floors, warped walls or cracks, consider consultations from foundation repair specialists. Preventing severe damage could save you thousands in the future. Feel free to call Atlantic Foundation for consultations or repairs. We also specialize in crawlspace encapsulation. 


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