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FIreproof Your Home

Fireproof Your Home This Winter

Posted on November 30, 2021

Keep Your Home Safe – Fireproof It

The Winter season a time to spend snug and warm inside with family and loved ones. Unfortunately, some have experienced losing a home to fires or explosions. Many fires are preventable. These factors are the most common reasons fires in homes start. Here are a few ideas on how to fireproof your home.

Gas Leak 

Address any gas smells immediately. If you smell a sharp pungent smell, it may indicate gas leaks from your gas line. Check your stove and any other gas appliances to make sure they are not leaking. A burner on your stove may have gotten bumped on.

Any time a gas is building up for an extended periods, it just takes a small spark to cause an explosion and fire. Double check the knobs on your stove after you are done cooking to make sure they are all off.

Fir and Pine Trees 

Pines and fir trees catch fire quicker than other types of trees. The resin in pine trees makes them flammable. Fir trees are dry and catch fire quickly as well.

Most people avoid putting candles near their Christmas tree. However, older lights can spark a flame and burn your it down. A spark from the fireplace can catch flame to garlands, wreaths, and trees even with the distance between them. Make sure your fireplace screen is in good shape to prevent sparks from hitting anything outside of it like carpeting or furniture. 

Older Power Cords

Older power cords aren’t made as well as the ones today. If you must use them, check them for frayed wires at both ends. Also, if they tend to heat up, you might want to trash them.

If you are using more than one power cord and heavy-duty strip plugs, keep in mind they can become overworked. If anything you have plugged into them starts acting peculiar, throw them out.  Good power strips prevent damage and short-circuiting. 

Avoid Using Stick Candles

The Holiday season and dinner parties can involve a lot of traditions such as using stick candles. As with any open flame, always be cautious and blow them out when leaving the room.

Check Your Chimney and Ventilation 

Check your chimney if you have not used it in a while. Make sure that there is no exposed wood. Have a chimney sweep clean it each year before use. Blocked chimneys increase the likelihood of a fire. Is your chimney built into the foundation of your house, or is it separate? If it is separate, it could possibly pull away from the home. If you are unsure of what to look for, foundation specialists can check your chimney for weak spots. 

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires can present problems all year. The reason they increase around the holidays is because of more frequent usage. If you smell strange chemical fires or burning plastic, check your wires and electrical system. You may need to call an electrician. Hold off using the electric light or outlet in question until you can ensure your home is safe. 

Foundation problems can lead to other risks throughout your home. Have your foundation and electrical system checked to prevent in-home complications. Check your gas line and stove regularly to prevent home fires. Prevention saves time, money, memories, and your life. Keep your family safe by protecting your home. 

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