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How too much mulch can harm your foundation

Home Maintenance Tip: Too Much Mulch Can Harm Your Foundation

Posted on April 03, 2014


Mulch is a great way to keep moisture in the soil, moderate soil temperatures and keep weeds from getting out of control. Mulch can also prevent erosion of the topsoil allowing rainwater to enter the surrounding soil.

But problems can occur when too much mulch is used. It’s not helpful for your plants and it’s not helpful for your foundation either. Whether the home is built on a slab or has a crawl space, too much moisture is always detrimental for foundations. Too much mulch holds too much moisture in the soil not allowing the soil to dry out. As well as holding moisture, mulch provides a food source for termites. If piled too high at the foundation, mulch can provide a bridge for termites to access the wood building components of your house.

Rake away old mulch from the foundation areas and replace with new mulch annually. Make sure that the mulch doesn’t come in contact with the foundation. Never pile mulch too high.


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