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Home Maintenance Tip: Test your Smoke Detectors and Replace Every 10 Years

Posted on March 25, 2014

Did you know that on average  seven people die in the United States each day and 12,890 people are injured each year from house fires according to the National Fire Protection Association?  It’s why homes are required to have smoke detectors.

 Smoke detectors may be battery-powered or can be hardwired into the electrical wiring of a home. The hardwired smoke detectors usually have a battery back-up. The typical batteries are 9-volt; however there are some smoke detectors with non-replaceable 10-year lithium batteries.

 It is important to test all smoke detectors at least once a year. All 9-volt batteries should be replaced annually even if they are not showing weakness. Smoke detectors should be located on every level of the home and inside every bedroom.

 A lesser known fact is that the sensors on smoke detectors wear out and the entire smoke detector should be replaced every ten years. A helpful tip is to place a sticker with a date on your smoke detector noting when the date of purchase and each time you test and replace batteries. When in doubt, replace.

Protect your investment and most of all your family by keeping up with this important home maintenance task.


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