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Yard Drainage and Water ControlSystems that Manage Water Runoff to Keep Your Home Dry

Atlantic Foundation and Repair can grade your property to solve your yard drainage and erosion problems. We create berms and swales to direct storm water runoff. French drains, catch basins, culverts, interceptor ditches and drain pipes may also be installed to prevent standing water in the yard. Our goal is to adequately direct storm water and wet weather springs or creeks away from the foundations of buildings and other structures toward more desirable locations.

Poor yard drainage is often caused by improper grading when the house was built. Poor grading on adjacent properties may lead to drainage problems on your property. The absence of a gutter and downspout system allows storm water from the roof to remain near the foundation. Also, downspouts that are not directed away from the foundation can cause yard drainage issues.

Poor yard drainage can result in the following:

  • Erosion which can undermine foundations and lessen the useable space on the property
  • Ponding or standing water in the yard
  • Flooding
  • Soggy yard
  • Excessive humidity in crawl spaces suitable for organic growth such as mold and mildew
  • Fluctuations in soil moisture levels
  • Suitable environments for mosquitoes, termites and rodents

When storm water is not directed away from a home’s foundation, cracking of concrete foundation walls as well as concrete slabs, sidewalks and patios can result. When storm water collects near the foundation, the soil becomes saturated. This saturated clay soil can swell and lift the structure. Alternatively, when the soil dries out, it shrinks and the structure can settle. This repeated process of swelling and shrinking can cause the cracking of foundation walls and concrete slabs.

In addition to influencing foundation integrity, inadequate yard drainage can damage foundation waterproofing and create excessively humid crawl space environments.

DISTINGUISHING ASPECT. If you have a soggy yard or standing water, contact Atlantic Foundation and Repair to prevent foundation and erosion problems. Give us a call at 919-855-0855 or fill out our Quote Request Form so that we can develop a plan to solve your problems with yard drainage and erosion.

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