Home Structural Repairs

Atlantic Foundation and Repair performs home structural repairs to add support to unlevel floors or sinking floors. Our techniques include:

  • Adding piers, girders or joists to supplement existing structural support.
  • Sistering or doubling damaged joists and girders.
  • Jacking detached structural components back into place and reattaching them.
  • Repairing damaged floor trusses.

If you are undertaking home projects such as granite countertop installation or tile floor installation and want to prevent sinking floors in the future, Atlantic Foundation and Repair can add support to your existing floors. Also, additional support for your existing floors may be needed if you are going to be installing gym equipment, a waterbed or other heavy objects such as a grand piano.

Inadequate support and the resulting unlevel floors can occur when there is a greater load on the structural support components than they were designed to hold such as with gym equipment. Inadequate structural support can also occur when building plans are changed during construction and walls are not placed over sufficient support. Alterations to existing homes to provide additional space in a crawl space or basement can also result in sagging or unlevel floors.

If your home has any of the following issues in your home, you may need home structural repairs:

  • Unlevel floors
  • Sinking floors
  • Sagging floors
  • Bouncy floors
  • Cracks in sheetrock on internal walls
  • Interior doors that are out of alignment on internal walls

Let the foundation experts help you with your home structural repairs. DISTINGUISHING ASPECT

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