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Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair On A Budget

Posted on April 17, 2022

On A Budget

When you find cracks in your foundation, concerns about safety and costs arise. Foundation repair can cost up to $10,000 and above. You may believe all is lost. Don’t panic. Here we will discuss what kinds of damage are concerning, what they mean, and how to handle foundation repairs on a budget. 

What do cracks in your foundation mean?

When you find small cracks in your concrete floors, driveway, or basement, this usually means that construction has settled. Note the size of the line and monitor them to see if they grow. Growing cracks indicate a problem. In new construction, growing cracks reveal errors on the builder’s part. In older homes, a growing crack means the house is moving maybe too much.  Cracks in drywall also indicate foundation problems. 

What should you do if there are severe cracks in your foundation?

If cracks in your home or basement continue to grow, you need to address the situation immediately. Find a local company in your area that offers free consultations. Once a contractor can visit, you will know the cost of your foundation repair. In the meantime, prevent further damage by monitoring moisture. Resist putting pressure on the damaged area. 

What if I cannot afford foundation repair?

Foundation repair starts around $500 and can soar upwards to $10,000 and above. You don’t want an unreliable company that will overcharge you. Research reviews from Yelp, NextDoor, and Google. Google offers insight from local guides. Make sure the company you select offers free consultations for homeowners.

If the cost of repairs is too high, here are some ways that might help you.

    • If the damage occurred because of faulty construction, the company needs to accept responsibility. Contact your lawyer and local home inspector for more details. You may be compensated.
    • Ask the company if they offer payment plans or finance options.
    • If your cracks are not severe, you might be able to pay upfront and then begin service.

If you have any foundation concerns and live in Eastern North Carolina, Atlantic foundation is a reliable BBB+ rated business specializing in foundation repair and crawl spaces. We offer free consultations and may be able to offer a finance plan that works for you. 

Atlantic Foundation is a foundation company located in Eastern North Carolina. Even though we are certified and accredited to repair foundations, we cannot guarantee your home is safe from sinkholes, uneven construction, or other environmental factors. We are not qualified to give legal or environmental advice. We accept no responsibility for injury, death, or loss due to the article information. This article does not guarantee that your home fits any criteria above. You follow the information above at your own risk. 

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