Retaining Wall Installation

Atlantic Foundation and Repair professionally designs, installs and repairs retaining walls for residential and commercial properties. We determine the best location and height for a retaining wall based on many factors about the property. Our retaining walls are installed on a solid base and designed with sufficient drainage to resist lateral pressure buildup from soil and water behind the wall. Appropriate materials are used for backfill.

Retaining walls help:

  • Prevent soil from eroding
  • Solve poor site drainage
  • Protect building foundations.

Atlantic Foundation and Repair repairs cracking, buckling, bulging, leaning or tilting retaining walls.


Inadequate reinforcement and poor drainage can cause retaining walls to tilt or separate. Clay soil expands or swells when wet and puts pressure on retaining walls causing outward movement or leaning . Weak or poorly mixed concrete can cause retaining walls to crumble. No matter the cause, Atlantic Foundation can repair your leaning retaining wall.


Our retaining walls not only prevent erosion and protect building foundations, they stand the test of time. Don’t hire unqualified contractors to install or repair your retaining wall. Certain retaining walls may require design by a licensed professional engineer. Atlantic Foundation & Repair is not licensed to provide engineering services, we have relationships with area professional engineers to provide the required engineering services. Hire the professionals at Atlantic Foundation and Repair who understand the science of soil.
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