In choosing a foundation repair system, it pays to compare The Stabilizor® helical pile to other piers. The Stabilizor® helical pile and extension have an outside diameter of 3.5 inches. It’s this diameter that makes a difference.

Typically, piers are installed to depths ranging from 7 feet to 50 feet. At these lengths, diameter determines strength: a larger diameter provides more area to disperse the force pushing down on it. In fact, the piles used in The Stabilizor® are 1.5 to 4 times stronger than piers used in other foundation repair systems. The Stabilizor® meets the requirements of the American Institute of Steel Construction for pile applications, where other suppliers’ piles may not.

Allowable load is 38,000 lbs
at 6 feet unbraced
length and 28,000 lbs at 10
feet unbraced length

No Kinking Kinking often occurs with support systems that use thin shaft anchors or piers. If the weight of the house exceeds the capacity of the anchors, the shaft will buckle, or kink, and fail.

No sinking
Push pier systems can also fail if soil conditions change because they use friction to support a structure’s weight. If a repair is done when soil is dry and soil conditions change, piers will slip because of the change in friction.

No walkouts
“Walkout” can occur with push pier systems that lift a house and then use its weight to push the pier into the ground—a process that can be repeated many times and may cause a section that is being lifted to move away, or “walkout,” from the rest of the house. The Stabilizor® lifts a house only when setting it back in place.

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