Helical steel piles may not appear to be different. At first look the shape of the pile may not appear to make a difference. Even though the amount of steel in The Stabilizor® , The Stabilizor® 2875 and others may be the same, the loads they are capable of carrying is vastly different. The load capacity of helical piles in soil is dependent on the soil, and building codes recognize this fact. The Stabilizor® is 2 to 2.5 times stronger than competitive systems.

When used for foundation repair where there are asymmetric forces, the differences are astounding, The Stabilizor® will safely carry 4 times the load of square piers and about 1.5 times the load of The Stabilizor® 2875.

When tested in typical foundation repair applications, the following capacities were achieved:
The Stabilizor® – 48,000 lbs
The Stabilizor®2875 – 30,000 lbs
1.5 in. square steel – 12,000 lb


Components of The Stabilizor® can be used in tension applications such as tiebacks or uplift restraints. The Stabilizor® pile can safely be used in tension loading of 50,000 pounds. Load capacities of the anchor can be predicted as with any earth anchor, dead-man anchor or helical anchor.

When brackets and piles components are used in tension applications, additional nuts must be installed above and below the pipe adapter and bracket body “ears,” and the pier adapter field must be welded or bolted to the pile.

In new construction applications where uplift is a concern, provisions must be made for attachment of the pier cap to The Stabilizor® pile.

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