Concrete Surface Repair

Atlantic Foundation and Repair can make concrete surface repairs for your sinking or uneven concrete slab, garage, driveway, sidewalk or patio. First, we determine the cause of the problem so that we make the appropriate concrete surface repair. From full-depth repairs to overlays, we take care to make sure that our repairs will hold up over time.

Atlantic Foundation and Repair also performs slab jacking, a technique used to raise the edge of a sunken concrete slab while pumping suitable material underneath it. Another technique we utilize to repair sinking concrete slabs involves drilling holes through the concrete slab. Then, we inject an epoxy grout mixture underneath the sunken slab area to raise the slab up to its original position.

Concrete slabs can settle when underlying soils are not compacted prior to construction of the house or installation of a driveway, sidewalk or patio. Settlement or heaving of concrete slabs can also occur when clay soil expands due to excess moisture and then later shrinks when conditions are dry. Settlement can also result from the erosion of soil from underneath driveways, sidewalks and patios because of poor drainage. When this happens, entire sections of a driveway or sidewalk may sink.

If your concrete slab or pavement is uneven or sinking, contact Atlantic Foundation and Repair, the area experts in soil drainage and foundation repair. Call us at 919-855-0855 or fill out our Quote Request Form. We look forward to solving your concrete surface repair needs.

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