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Crawl Space Encapsulation

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation, and Why Do You Need It?

Posted on February 17, 2023



When a house is built over a crawl space, homeowners are most likely not to think about what’s going on down there. These spaces are dirty, dark, and home to many creepy crawlies and pests. However, one must pay attention to the importance of these crawl spaces that needs crawl space encapsulation.

When was the last time you considered checking on your house’s crawl space? Unfortunately, most homeowners often forget to check this specific space until the problem arises. Crawl spaces without encapsulation are susceptible to mold and pest infestations, moisture damage, and other issues. These problems, left untreated for a long can end up in costly¬†Crawl Space Repair.

But what if there is an effective solution to overcome this problem Crawl Space Encapsulation can help eliminate moisture, mold, pests, and mildew underneath your house.

Read on to learn everything about crawl space encapsulation- what it is, its benefits, things to consider, and the benefits of a professional Crawl Space Encapsulation Service. 

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?


A crawl space is an area underneath a home similar to the basement. The significant difference between the two is that the crawl space has outside ventilation. Moreover, these spaces also vary in height, ranging from 2 feet to around standing height. Although a crawl space offers multiple benefits, a few problems exist, like open vents enabling moisture and pest to enter a house. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation involves lining the crawl space with heavy-duty polyethylene. The professional Crawl Space Encapsulation Service will build a polyethylene barrier to cover and seal the floor, walls, and also ceiling of the crawl space. Encapsulating the crawl space will help you eradicate moisture, mold, pest, and musty smell underneath your house. 

How Crawl Space Encapsulation Works?


The first step that a Crawl Space Encapsulation process involves in cleaning the area underneath your home. Atlantic Foundation and Repair company will use advanced techniques to remove pests that may be infested at the crawl space. 

Moreover, the crawl space is also swept out to remove the dirt and debris lurking around. Then the professional Crawl Space Encapsulation Service provider will install the moisture barrier as evenly as possible to the foundation walls and the floor joists with the help of a double-sided seal tape. 

After installing the moisture barrier properly, the contractor will skillfully install a dehumidifier to remove the moisture seeping in underneath the home. 

Atlantic Foundation and Repair has crawl space dehumidifiers designed to stand up against rugged, humid conditions. Homeowners can also get a remote humidity monitor to track the conditions underneath their homes without crawling down there. 

What are the Benefits of Creating a Vapor Barrier?


Installing a vapor barrier to the crawl space underneath a home has many benefits. A few key benefits are listed below:

  • Keep Moisture Out

One significant benefit of installing a crawl space vapor barrier is that it helps eliminate the moisture underneath, which keeps the home moisture free. Moisture can harm a home’s structure and your health, so keeping it out for your family’s safety is crucial.¬†

A crawl space is close to the ground, resulting in moisture creeping into the home without a barrier. A vapor barrier will be a buffer between the soil rich in moisture and the house. A barrier will diffuse the humidity, and more will remain in the ground instead of working its way into your home.

  • Prevent Mold and Structural Damage

A humid home is prone to mold growth. If the crawl space is deprived of a vapor barrier, mold, pests, fungi, and mildew are more likely to grow. There is often much less ventilation in a crawl space for mold and mildew to grow, which can also lead to structural damage. Therefore, one of the great ways to prevent mold and structural damage is to install a vapor barrier in the crawl space. 

  • Avoid Wiring Hazards

A lot of wiring running underneath the home (in a crawl space) is likely already protected by plastic sheathing or a conduit. However, there might still be some wiring hazards that could use extra protection. 

Junction boxes without protection, for instance, can cause electrical problems by getting too wet. 

When searching for an effective way to protect yourself from wiring hazards or other electrical risks, consider installing a vapor barrier in a crawl space. A professionally placed vapor barrier will add an extra layer of protection and help avoid the life-threatening combination of water and electricity.

  • Prevent Rust and Corrosion

The ductwork of HVAC system components installed in the crawl space underneath your home can be at risk of rusting due to excess moisture. Water tends to damage even the newest metal components. Installation of a vapor barrier is the right choice to keep humidity and, thus, rust out of the reach of metal equipment underneath your house.

  • Full Encapsulation vs. Sealing

Many use the terms ‘Crawl Space Encapsulation‘ and ‘crawl space sealing’ interchangeably. But there is a difference between these terms, as crawl space sealing is less thorough than crawl space encapsulation.¬†

Crawl space sealing involves lining the floor and eight inches of the foundation walls of the crawl space underneath a home. This technique can leave a sizeable vulnerable space at the top of the crawl space that can be home to moisture, pests, mold, and musty smell.

 On the other hand, Crawl Space Encapsulation Raleigh NC, carried out by the professional Atlantic Foundation and Repair company, will line the entire area inside the crawl space. Moreover, the foundation experts will also add insulation to the walls and access doors so that your space can use energy as efficiently as possible. In addition, it will make your home more comfortable by eliminating heat loss through your crawl space.

Things to Consider Before Crawl Space Encapsulation


Below given are some things that every homeowner should examine and evaluate before commencing with the Crawl Space Encapsulation process:

  • Check if There is Standing Water.

If standing water is underneath your home, contact a professional Atlanta foundation and Repair company to remove it. Standing water can be a significant issue when working in your crawl space, as it could lead to possible electrocution. 

  • Provide Adequate Lighting

Crawl spaces are usually dark, so make sure to have adequate lighting. Having enough visibility will help you ensure that nothing is missed, the integrity of the moisture protection system is maintained, and there is no scope for expensive Crawl Space Repair in the future.

  • Prepare The Floor Area

Now that crawl spaces are more likely to have dirty floors, remove sharp rocks and debris that could damage or penetrate vapor barriers during installation. Moreover, if the floor is uneven, flatten and smoothen the soil using a rake. 

  • Ensure Protection Of All Electrical Wiring

If there is any free-hanging ductwork, strap and reinforce it. It will reduce the risk of electrocution and makes it easier to access the parts of the crawl space that would otherwise be difficult to reach. 

  • Check All The Plumbing Pipes

Check all the plumbing pipes installed underneath your home in the crawl space. If there is any leakage, consider contacting a professional plumber to repair the plumbing system.

  • Identify The Opening Spaces That Need To Be Sealed

Air sealing and insulation are two significant factors that affect the performance of a crawl space enclosure. According to the local codes, sill plates, rim joists, vents, and penetration in the exterior wall and framing are the areas you need to seal.

DIY vs. Hiring Professionals


You might wonder if Crawl Space Encapsulation is a simple process involving taping some plastic to the walls or crawl space and doing it yourself. Although you can carry a DIY crawl space encapsulation, hiring a professional Crawl Space Encapsulation Service is always worth it. 

DIYing a crawl space encapsulation implies that you will have to crawl under your house for days to remove debris and clean up the area. Then you will need to learn how to install plastic barriers to the crawl space’s walls, floors, and ceilings. Moreover, you will have to handle the plumbing work on your own.¬†

Hiring professional, licensed Crawl Space Repair contractors is the right choice as they will have the training and experience necessary to encapsulate the crawl space. 

Atlantic Foundation and Repair company is acquainted with experienced foundation contractors that will inspect and encapsulate your crawl space using advanced equipment, techniques, and skills without causing costly damage. 

Wrapping It Up


Crawl Space Encapsulation¬†is one of the most effective ways to improve air quality and energy efficiency and prevent damage to your home. The layer of plastic vapor barrier and a dehumidifier can help prevent moisture from home built over the crawl space while keeping mold and mildew from creeping up in the building. In addition, this technique can also deter pests and insects that could damage the building’s structure, making crawl space encapsulation more than worth the cost.

Atlantic Foundation and Repair is a reputable, licensed construction company that provides
Crawl Space Repair¬†and¬†Crawl Space Encapsulation Services. Consider reaching out to overcome all problems in the crawl space and increase your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, and value.¬†

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