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Removing Animals from Your Crawlspace

Posted on September 30, 2022

*A family pet is one thing. You can remove them gently from your crawlspace, but a wild animal is another matter altogether. Not only is removing an animal from your crawlspace a lifesaver for them, but it will also keep your family safe and protect your home. Remember to shut your crawlspace door even when you go under your house; this will keep the animals from getting trapped inside. If an animal has gotten into your crawlspace, remove them safely and quickly to lessen the damage. The types of animals that typically hide under your house are rodents, armadillos, skunks, rabbits, and other small burrowing animals. Practice these tips for removing animals from your crawlspace.

 Allowing them to Escape

If the animal is panicked, make sure that you stay away from them. Wild animals can carry diseases and infections such as rabies. These can be life-threatening to humans. Opening your door with caution may allow the animal to escape. Never attempt this alone and without knowing the size of the animal. 

Animal Control  

Calling animal control is the safest way to ensure the removal of the animal without injury to life or limb. Different counties and local governments offer animal control. Some counties do not, meaning you will have to hire a company for removal. Look for companies that release without killing. Animal control companies rarely resort to methods that result in extermination. Pest control companies may fumigate insects but typically have release programs to remove animals without causing harm.


Removing animals, yourself should proceed with great caution. We recommended contacting an animal control organization. If you intend to remove the animal, practice these tips for safe removal.

  • Soak rags with ammonium and place them in areas throughout the crawlspace where they will run. The smell should overtake the space and drive the animals away.
  • Get some mothballs and scatter them around to repel animals.¬†
  • Loud noise and bright lights scare away most animals.¬†
  • Glue boards and tack sheet boards¬†are effective at catching small animals; they are available in most hardware stores. Check out¬†Amazon¬†for these glue boards. Place the board in an area where you believe the animal will walk. Check them daily to make sure they don’t die.¬†


The best way to keep animals from getting inside your crawlspace is to keep your door locked tight when exiting and entering. You can soak rags in ammonium or leave the mothballs to deter animals from entering. The biggest thing you can do to prevent animals from entering your crawlspace is to seal the moisture barrier and add crawlspace encapsulation. Companies like Atlantic Foundation can help you do this. Encapsulation will keep you from removing animals from your crawlspace, hopefully!

*Disclaimer- Atlantic foundation is not an animal or pest control organization. We are not qualified to remove pests. The advice given is from animal and pest control organizations. Approach this advice at your own risk. Following the advice in this article with this disclaimer, you assume all responsibility for injury or death. 

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