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How Plumbing Leaks Cause Foundation Damage

Posted on March 24, 2024

Is your home suffering from poor plumbing? These plumbing issues, particularly leaks, can damage your home’s foundation if ignored for a long time. The leak can signify a more significant problem in your house. It’s not just a water waste issue; it can cause moisture that will damage your home foundation. A leak will likely be hidden if water bills rise or water pressure is reduced. Immediately call an inspection team to check your home thoroughly. This article will explore how plumbing leaks can cause damaged foundation.

How Plumbing Leak Can Damage Foundation

One of the leading causes of damage water leaks can cause to your house is floorboard warping or distortion. Because many pipes run beneath the floorboards, water will leak if you notice bumps in your carpet or the floor’s wood. If it continues, it will damage your wooden floor, which is expensive.

Growing Mold And Fungi

The frequently damped and moist areas are the favorite places for mold to grow. Even tiny water drops will eventually cause mold and fungi to grow in your home before you notice. This organic growth can cause foundation damage as it can cause ceiling tile collapse and can eat drywalls.

Cosmetic Damage

Plumbing leaks, such as paint peeling, can cause cosmetic damage to your home; it can also cause the delamination of materials and damage to the wallpaper. Water leaks can weaken floorboards and ceilings, a primary physical danger. If leaks are identified and repaired quickly, you can save your home from these damages.

Identifying Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks can be identified through sudden rises in water bills, reductions in water pressure, and damp or discolored patches on walls. Some leaks are visible and accessible to detect, while others are beneath the floor and require a professional home inspection.

Steps to Identify the Cause of Plumbing Leak

  • Visual Inspection- Examine the water heaters, sinks, and toilets for any leakage or corrosion. Thoroughly check for water stains or mold growth.
  • Check the Water Meter-Turn off all the water appliances in your home and start monitoring the water meter. If it still indicates water usage, your house has a plumbing leak. Check your water bill for unusual increases.
  • Foundation Inspection-Conduct a thorough foundation inspection in your home. Check the wooden floor, ceilings, and walls. Notice if the paint is peeling off or any bumps in the wooden floor indicate a plumbing leak.

Consult a Professional

If you cannot indicate a plumbing leak, call a plumber who will perform specific tests to reveal leaks in your plumbing system.

Identifying the connection between leaks and foundation damage is necessary for homeowners. Otherwise, your home’s foundation can suffer intense damage. If your leak is caused by or the cause of foundation damage, call your local foundation repair expert. Atlantic Foundation is in Eastern North Carolina and offers free homeowner consultations for Eastern NC and the Triangle. Call us today!


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