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Home Maintenance Tip: What Do You Do with the Stuff After Decluttering Your Garage?

Posted on July 31, 2014

The time finally arrived and you are decluttering your garage. Have you wondered what you are going to do with all the things you remove from your garage? It’s best to figure this out before you get started. Here are some possibilities to consider:

1)      Rent a dumpster if your garage is really full. Dumpsters typically hold 20 cubic yards or more of trash. For smaller quantities of trash up to 3 cubic yards, you can pick up a Waste Management’s Bagster for $29.95 at big box home improvement stores. When you are finished, you call a telephone number and the Bagster will be picked up.

2)      Recycle. If you don’t have regular curbside pickup, check with your local municipality to find out what items are accepted and where you can drop them off. Also check online for items that can be recycled and where you can take them.

3)      Properly dispose of old hazardous waste to prevent contamination of the soil or water supply. If you have old paint, pesticides or other chemicals, take them to a proper disposal facility in your locale.

4)      Make your donations to charitable organizations immediately after you finish de-cluttering your garage so that the items don’t migrate back into your garage.

5)      Sell items at a yard sale or on Craig’s List or EBay. Get started right away. Set a date that you will have your yard sale or post your listings online. If there are no takers for an item, then perhaps the item should be donated. The job won’t be complete until those items are out of your garage.

Having a clean garage that allows you to use the space the way you intended is gratifying. A clean garage helps to maintain a neat appearance and makes it easier for you to locate the items you do have. To maintain a clean garage, take time each month to round up items that need to be thrown out, donated, or recycled and take action.


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