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Home Maintenance Tip: How to Clean Out Your Garage

Posted on July 03, 2014

Are your cars parked in your driveway even though you have a two-car garage? Well, you aren’t the only one. Lawn and garden equipment and supplies typically reside in a garage. But, garages often become the default location for all “the stuff” with no other place to go. At a certain point, there is no more room for cars. If it’s time to take back your garage, here are some guidelines to follow:

1)      Envision how you want your garage to be used. Create areas for specific purposes. Examples include a parking area for one car, a lawn and garden area, a recycle area, an area for the beach equipment and so on.

2)      Utilize traditional clutter cleaning techniques. Create five piles:

  • Items to keep;
  • Items to throw away or toss;
  • Items to recycle
  • Items to donate or give away
  • Items to sell.

3)      Start is by pulling everything out of the garage to decide which items to Keep, Toss, Donate or Sell. If this is too much to accomplish in a day, then pull everything out of only a portion of the garage.

4)      Group similar items together to create your designated areas. Use containers, racks and shelving. There are all sorts of organizing racks, hooks and containers that can be purchased at big box or specialty organizing stores. Or you can use sturdy cardboard boxes. You don’t have to spend a fortune. The goal is an uncluttered garage.

5)      Think vertically about space in your garage. What objects that are only occasionally used can you hang from the ceiling or high on the walls?

6)      Label boxes or containers so that you can easily see them from a distance.

The satisfaction from cleaning the garage is well worth the effort. Being able to locate items with ease makes the time and energy spent cleaning the garage worthwhile. The truth is that some of the items we keep in our garage will never be touched again and are probably better off with a new owner or at the dump.


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