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Foundation Issues when renovating a house

Foundation Issues Found When Renovating a House

Posted on January 28, 2014

When you are renovating a house, the foundation might be at the bottom of your list. A foundation that needs repair can lead to cracked walls, uneven doors, and problems throughout the interior of the entire house.

By just patching over foundation problems now and not addressing the underlying problems, you may end up spending more money in the future.

Water is a big culprit to foundation damage, especially if it seeps into the home from rain, sprinkler systems and other sources of moisture. When water is unable to drain properly, it will accumulate in puddles near the structure.  The soil surrounding your foundation wall becomes too saturated with water. It starts to get heavier and heavier and, since the foundation concrete footers are underground, the soil begins to build up pressure against the side of the walls. Whether this happens because of rain, poor drainage or other problems, the pressure against your walls can begin to cause the walls to bow or bend.

Even if you don’t think the foundation is in need of repair, a few cracks, shifted bricks, or a separated chimney, can actually cause significant damage to your house. The bricks in the foundation work as a unit, have a few shifted bricks and the house starts to have cracks in its armor where water damages can occur. While it may seem inconsequential to you now, you may not have the technical expertise to determine if you need the foundation repaired. 

One of the professional employees from Atlantic Foundation and Repair can come out, do a damage evaluation, and offer you an estimate of the price for the repair. A thorough inspection can help you identify the degree of work your foundation might need. Perhaps, you only need an inspection of the cracked foundation each year to see if the crack is worsening.


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