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Pros & Cons of Having a Basement

Posted on August 31, 2022

If you are a first-time homeowner in the process of building your home or shopping for one, you may be looking for one with a basement. For different reasons, basements are an added benefit to homes throughout the United States. Including one in your home plans adds space and offers you security from natural complications.

Basements can include anything from storm cellars to additional living spaces like dens or family rooms. Consider this lifesaving and home-preserving asset. There are some pros and cons to consider if the home has a basement. They don’t necessarily work for every home.

Pros & Cons



Pros: While crawlspaces having sump pumps may be ideal for your home, the basement usually triples in height, allowing plenty of room for flooding to occur without threatening your entire home. You can install a drainage system or sump pump for extra protection from flooding. The nice thing about having a basement during severe storms is the ability to give you a safer place in the event of an emergency or a natural disaster when electricity may go out. If an unexpected leak occurs in your home, you’re covered too.¬†

Cons: The downfall of a basement also lies in the flooding of it or even a wet basement due to the surrounding soil. Most of your belongings in the basement would be affected by a flood.

Deeper Foundations

Pros: When you buy a home with a basement, you know the foundation is established further into the ground. High-quality houses are rooted deep into the soil with a basement. 

Cons:¬†If you are not there to oversee the construction, you cannot guarantee the quality of the foundation. Basements can show indications of the home’s structural integrity. In areas with sinkholes, a cement-grouted one could prevent home loss. A poorly constructed basement in sinkhole-prone areas could spell disaster for your home.¬†

Climate Control

Pros: Climate control is a benefit of having a basement. They are built way below the frost line so that when a harsh winter comes, your foundation avoids damage from freezing and thawing. When hot days come, you will have a cooling station too, which allows you to save on your cooling bills. 

Cons: Unfortunately, your basement will be prone to humidity and mold unless it is finished correctly. Prevent the growth of mold by installing a vapor barrier. Emphasize to your installation team you still want an escape drainage system for water. 

Keep In Mind

… some of the other benefits and complications that come with owning a home with a basement. If you are interested in enhancing the one you have now with a drainage system and vapor barrier or have foundation concerns, call Atlantic Foundation. We specialize in everything home foundation.

Check out our Crawl Space Management | Low-Cost Solutions For Drainage on our website.* 

*Atlantic Foundation cannot guarantee the safety or stability of your home, regardless of whether or not it has a basement. We claim no responsibility for injury or the loss of property and life. 

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