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5 Reasons Not to Ignore a Wet Crawlspace

Posted on August 12, 2013

Out of sight, out of mind is the attitude some homeowners often have when it comes to their crawlspace.  The crawlspace is easy to forget since you don’t live in it.  Unfortunately, a wet crawlspace effects the inside of your home as well as the foundation.

Here are five important reasons to repair your wet crawlspace:

  1. Save Energy Cost. Did you know that moisture creates damp air not only in the crawlspace but throughout your home. That moisture and damp air are more difficult to heat and cool, force your HVAC systems to work harder and longer which burdens the HVAC system and it won’t last as many years.  A well-maintained crawlspace increases energy efficiency.
  2. Reduce Health Risks. Wet areas are ideal conditions for the silent growth of mold and mildew.  Mold spores feed on wood, carpet, and other organic materials; as they mix with the air flow in your house they become part of the air your family breathes. Nuisance pests, termites, and other rodents thrive on these damp wet conditions.  By improving the crawlspace dampness, you remove these health risks for all.
  3. Protect Your Foundation. The house’s foundation, the very base on which your house stands, if subjected to prolonged wet, damp conditions can compromise the foundation walls and cause structural damage. If you are planning on selling your home, the home inspector will identify problems that could cause a closing problem. And it may not only be the foundation that is damaged; moisture can also buckle hardwood floors and cause other more serious problems with the other systems within your home.
  4. Increase Home Value. A dry, clean, safe crawlspace speaks volumes. It shows that the homeowner cares about maintaining the house especially when the crawlspace isn’t visible. That’s reassuring to potential homebuyers and becomes a strong selling feature. It also means that future expenses for buyers will be avoided because moisture issues in the crawlspace have already been resolved.
  5. Enhanced Living. A dry crawlspace improves the overall living conditions by increasing the comfort of your home: in the winter you’ll notice that floors won’t feel as cold and in the summer the house won’t feel as muggy.

Atlantic Foundation & Crawl Space Repair, LLC can take care of the crawlspace before any foundation issues arise due to excessive moisture issues.

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